What is the key to happiness? A question asked by people from all walks of life. The answer is one short phrase: peace of mind. True happiness and peace of mind can be found in the simple things around us. Things like a breath of fresh air, the ambient sounds of the outdoors, a cozy hammock to sway in, sunlight through the trees, a good and healthy meal, the song of the breeze, or just an afternoon away from the buzz of the city. Find all these things right here in Dewi Sri Farm. Sit on the porch of the villa as the sun shines on the rice fields. Spend a day on the farm to forget problems and stress, and find the inner peace you've been searching for.

Dewi Sri Farm guarantees to give you the privacy and exclusivity you need. We require advance reservation and appointments from our guests. For reservation call us today: (T) +6349.576.2324 or (M) +63917.524.5155 or +63943.020.0676.


See domesticated animals such as the baboydamo or wild boar, ducks, chickens, turkey, geese and the guinea fowls with their white spotted plumage. See the beautiful fruits, flowers, and ornamental plants around Dewi Sri and watch them blend, creating a vibrant mixture of colours.


Be prepared for an exciting encounter with nature. Celebrate and create wonderful memories with your loved ones, friends, and those that are close to you and special in your life. Make nature a beautiful backdrop of your special day, let's work with you on every detail to make that moment unmistakably yours.


Get intimate with nature. Relax and re-connect with yourself in a true working-farm environment with Indonesian-inspired accommodations like the elegant Bali Villa, Java Hut and Sunda Dormitory. Come and find solitude at Dewi Sri Farm, in Victoria Laguna.